Illustrations from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers 1984 - 2010

Rene Descartes
René Descartes

Former Premier of Republic of China (Taiwan) Chang Chun-hsiung

Mark Kurlansky's 'The Last Fish Tale' set in Gloucester, Massachusetts

White paranoia in post-apartheid South Africa

Multicultural Australia

"Ice" by Louis Nowra in which a 19th century entrepreneur tows an iceberg into Sydney Harbour. 

19th century London

The pathos of indigenous dispossession in Australia
Canoeing the Murray River


Crime fiction

Les Murray Poem ""Coolongolook Timber Mill"

Evelyn Waugh and George Orwell

A Carboniferous swamp and a Silurian reef.
The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum.

Eastern spinebill

Claude Monet as retired musketeer, with curious puffin

'The Real Oliver Twist' - John Waller. Is Dicken's "Oliver Twist" based on the life of one Robert Blincoe?

Dog walking society.

The poet

An incident in early Sydney.
One of 35 illustrations for the ABC TV documentary "Buried Alive" by Jack Egan, about the first five years of European settlement in Australi

Joan Didion essay "Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream"

The quarantining of pets on moving countries.

'Towelhead' by Alicia Erian.

The artists table

Scottish biographer James Boswell

'March' by Geraldine Brooks

The Mutiny on the Bounty

Tilting at the Tower of Babel


An artist, a victim of domestic violence, escapes to the Scottish highlands

Open air museums.


Moonlight Cinema.

Mount Panorama Bathurst

Irish cultural icons.

Bush Tucker.

A humpback whale and calf.

Poets Seamus Heaney and Peter Porter

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